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American Legion Riders Biker Blessings and Prayers p.1

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American Legion Riders Biker Blessings and Prayers p.1
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The American Legion Riders Manual of Prayers hard copy is now available and its distribution has begun in Ocean County. It will be distributed throughout the state in the next few months.  Copies will also be available at the American Legion Convention, starting June 9.

Please contact me if you want a hard copy.

Those that appear in the manual appear here, and other prayers that weren't included in the first edition of the manual will be uploaded continuously. Feel free to copy them for your use.

American Legion Riders
Biker Blessing and Prayer
written by Reverend Matt Thalasinos

May the wind find our backs
On our journeys each day
With God's guiding light
Paving the way

On our steeds, strong of steel
We will travel far and wide
Lord, keep us safe
Place your Angels by our sides

Please keep our hands steady
And our steeds true to form
Through all kinds of weather
To survive any storm

On this great land we'll ride
With the American Legion friendship we hold dear
Together with you, Lord
And nothing to fear

If we chance upon other
Sisters and brothers of the road
May we be fortunate to share
Your words as our code

For you are our guide
And always shall be
In this great land of America
the home of the free. Amen.


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Reverend Matthew C. Thalasinos